Ubuntu 23.10 Support Ends July 11 – Upgrade Soon!

Ubuntu 23.10 Support Ends July 11 – See the Steps to Upgrade

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Attention, Ubuntu users! If you’re running Ubuntu 23.10, taking action soon is critical. Ubuntu 23.10 support ends on July 11, which means it’s time to upgrade your system to continue receiving important security updates and new features. In this post, I’ll guide you through the importance of upgrading and how to do it effectively.

Why Should You Upgrade

The Ubuntu 23.10 version is an interim release maintained for only nine months, unlike the LTS (Long-term Support) release 24.04, which will be supported for ten years.

When Ubuntu 23.10 support ends, you’ll no longer receive security updates, bug fixes, or technical support. This can leave your system vulnerable to security threats and make it challenging to run the latest software. Upgrading ensures that you stay protected and benefit from the latest enhancements.

The Benefits of Upgrading

  1. Enhanced Security: Upgraded versions of Ubuntu include the latest security patches, protecting your system from vulnerabilities.
  2. Improved Performance: Each new release optimizes system performance, making your computer run more smoothly and efficiently.
  3. Access to New Features: Upgrading gives you access to new tools, applications, and improvements that can enhance productivity.
  4. Ongoing Support: Stay connected to the Ubuntu community and receive ongoing support for your system.

How to Upgrade from Ubuntu 23.10

Upgrading your Ubuntu system is straightforward. Here’s how you can do it:

Backup Your Data: Before starting, back up all important data. Use tools like rsync, or cloud services to keep your files safe.

Check for Updates: Open the terminal and run the following commands to ensure your current system is up to date:

Install ubuntu-release-upgrader-core if it is not already installed:

Start the Upgrade Process: Use the do-release-upgrade command to begin the upgrade process. This tool will guide you through upgrading to the latest supported release:

Follow the Prompts: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the upgrade. The system will download the necessary files and upgrade your system automatically.


Upgrading your system before Ubuntu 23.10 support ends on July 11 is critical. Doing so will protect your data, enhance performance, and provide access to the latest features. Follow the steps in our guide above to upgrade your system and keep your Ubuntu system up-to-date and secure.

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